Meditation teacher, healer, coach

Katie O’Brien has been working in the field of personal development as a Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, and Wellness Coach since 2015. She is passionate about facilitating and teaching stress reduction, relaxation, growth, healing and evolution.

Katie is a master at teaching people how to meditate. Whether it is in a one-on-one session or in a group setting, she brings a unique sense of empowerment to each of her meditation classes, often leaving her students with clarity of purpose in life and self-confidence. She teaches with a gentle leadership that empowers her students to have fun while achieving focus and discipline. Her classes are designed and intended to help people make a lasting shift in consciousness in their daily stress-reduction and relaxation habits. Katie also teaches the Meridian Energetics® Inner Child development classes to individuals who have the emotional and mental maturity to evolve one’s consciousness and development of personality to the next level of multidimensional awareness and knowledge of self.

As a highly sensitive, clairvoyant, empathic and intuitive Healer, Katie works one-on-one with individuals in a team spirit and collaboration to release dysfunctional energetic templates, programs, thought forms, patterns, and belief systems that hold a person back from moving towards the full expression of one’s potential in life. Certified in the prestigious, elite healing modality, Meridian Energetics® her expertise as a certified Medical Intuitive assists those who have an open heart center, an active kundalini rising, and an evolving 12 chakra system in the physical body.

Katie is an intuitive Wellness Coach with her specialty being in helping people find the joy of their inner child and how to nurture creativity, independence, and sovereign happiness through the inner connections of self.

Katie has assisted a wide and diverse range of people including children, teens, adults, and seniors with anxiety, depression, phobias, low self-esteem, grief, anger, pain management, health issues, undiagnosable conditions, addiction, chronic conditions, inner child, and relationships. She has assisted professionals, lawyers, teachers, business owners, moms, therapists, healers, artists, dancers, and also whole families who were healing or making major life transitions. Her clients find Katie to be authentic, patient, and empathetic, and her work to be powerful and transformational.