Now taking practitioners on board for Fall 2019..


Those who are called to learn the technique have an insatiable desire to be of service to humanity.  They feel they want to make a difference in the way we heal the spiritual body from a more multidimensional intuitive perspective.

What individuals have noticed about the benefits of learning the technique is that they gain a much broader perspective of “know thyself” before learning the objectives of working hands on a client.  They were also happy to see that they did not have to learn manuals of physical anatomy.  This allowed them to gain more direct connect with source (god/goddess) to develop latent abilities of  heightened intuitiveness, clairvoyance, and in some cases automatic x-ray vision that would have been dampened with the pressure of memorizing physical diagrams of the body which have no place in the realms of etheric healing.  It is not to say that we disagree with understanding anatomy but disease begins in the etheric body and not the physical. 


Meridian Energetics® takes great pride in setting high standards for their practitioners.

All participants will be asked to have a personal interview with Katie via ZOOM.
We are looking for individuals based on these qualifications:

- has an activated heart centre
- personality and character
- emotional and mental stability
- leadership, communication skills
- intuitiveness, creativity, empathy, willingness to learn, grow and evolve
- health and nutrition pertaining to self awareness
- stamina, endurance

Special consideration will be given to those who are already involved in the field of alternative health care, nutrition and energetic therapies and natural counseling skills or training.

Note: Please be advised that your willingness to pay the fee is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

The following is a short list of individuals who cannot be accepted as participants:

  • Smokers

  • Consumers of Alcohol (social drinker acceptable)

  • Pharmaceutical or prescription drug users

  • Marijuana or illegal drug users

  • Criminal Record

A few things that you need to consider.

The course fee is $1800 US Currency. A non-teaching waiver (as it is a Registered Trademark) has to be signed first before payment is accepted. It is split into 3 US Currency payments. The First payment is a non-refundable $200 deposit for Phase 1 to save your space. The Second Payment is $700 for Phase 1. Payment is due 2 weeks before your scheduled course date. The Third Payment is $900 for Phase 2. Payment is due 2 weeks before your scheduled course date.  Phase 2 is non-negotiable on any type of installment payment plan.  The course itself can take you as little as 6 months-12 months. 

PLEASE NOTE: ANY CONSIDERATION FOR REFUNDS IS AS FOLLOWS: PHASE 1 is non-refundable after you begin the course.  PHASE 2 is non-refundable after you begin the course.

NOTE: Taking a break in between phases is allowed for 3 months. Any time longer than 3 months will have to apply for reconsideration of Phase 2. 

1) The first half is done via ZOOM and is usually done weekly unless you are busy; they can be done every two weeks.

2) You need a massage table for Phase 2.

3) Phase 2: You will need at least 10 volunteers that you can work on for free. So you will need to know and ask people ahead of time so you know you have the bodies available when you start this phase or else it will be a total let down if you cannot come up with the volunteers.

4) Phase 2 means you will be doing some of the training with your volunteers present in front of Katie in front of the ZOOM video. Therefore, make sure you have your client in a nice comfortable space with your computer or laptop easily accessible. If you can meet all of this criteria then we will set up a 15 minute chat session via ZOOM so Katie can interview you and see if you will be a nice match for the modality.