Wellness coaching is an opportunity to connect with Katie and receive her intuitive coaching and higher guidance for your health, relationships, career, or life challenges. Through her intuitive sensitivity and empathic listening, she will guide you to help you gently release layers of consciousness that are no longer serving you. Her intention is to help you take your wellness to the next level through creative, imaginative healing and energetic sorting through your belief systems. She uses individually tailored exercises and meditative speaking to assist others in their evolution.

group wellness coaching

Katie also offers group wellness coaching to business, organization, and community teams as part of her Heart Center Meditation programs. For professionals who work with a lot of people and who feel as though they “take on” the energy of others, Katie can guide and coach you in how to properly and efficiently energetically detox and adjust your energy to better serve yourself and others.

remote energy healing

We will work as a team to identify templating, programs, belief systems, blockages, and energy loops running in one’s energy field. Katie uses shamanic aspects to tap into multidimensional integration and healing.