“In facilitating meditation workshops at Grounds For Sculpture, Katie O’Brien provides a warm atmosphere for participants to relax, reflect and share their experiences. The workshops are structured so that all levels and backgrounds can participate, with Katie taking time to answer questions thoughtfully. Guests leave refreshed and renewed, motivated to continue the practice at home. We thank her for sharing her expertise and look forward to working with Katie in the future.”

—Julio Enrique Badel, Manager of Experiential Programs, Grounds For Sculpture

“Katie has such a warm heart and kind soul... listening to her guide you into meditation is as easy as sitting in the forest listening to the leaves blowing in the wind. I need more.”

—Ocean Clark

“I found my two sessions with Katie using the Meridian Energetics techniques to be so helpful in balancing my energy. I appreciated that she took the time before the hands-on portion of the session to listen to my current needs and what I wanted to be addressed. Her empathy, patience, and good humor were very welcome. The session itself was soothing; I liked the way she explained what she was doing during the process, and how she guided me through the meditations. Afterwards, I felt both relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Katie for her expertise in both meditation and energy healing.”

— T.L.

“Connecting with Katie has been a beautiful blessing. Katie is truly, a one of a kind, gifted, soul. Her soothing voice makes dropping into her meditations and her healing sessions a breeze. Her ME sessions are my absolute favorite. I have been to many energy healing sessions over the years... Katie is different. Katie’s healing energy can be felt like no other. One session with Katie is so transformative. More than one session is out of this world. You will feel a mind, body, and soul shift. One thing that makes Katie’s sessions so healing for me, is that she is incredible at holding a safe space. You can totally feel that she is a heart centered being, on her soul’s mission. You will be amazed with the power that Katie holds to help you transform, heal, align, and much more. Katie is a beautiful person inside and out. “

—Amanda M.

"After just one session with Katie my entire life was transformed … I kid you not. I am a high performing, executive-level professional by day and single mother of three by night.  I had been working for years to develop a small business – tirelessly building connections and submitting proposals that seemed to only pay off here and there.  Since working with Katie, this past year has been the most successful yet for the company – we have doubled in size and tripled our revenue.  I know it has everything to do with me, but Katie gave me the tools and clarity to do what I needed to do.  I am still in disbelief myself as I write this, but the correlation is clear as day."  

—Becky P.

“I first experienced Katie’s healing at her guided meditations. From the very first one, the heart-centered meditation technique that she teaches was a wonderful gift. It definitely shifted my energy and gave me a new tool to recenter myself, connect with myself and maintain my equilibrium, which is so essential and challenging as a mom of two small children! After several group meditations I scheduled some private ME energy sessions with her. These sessions have helped me immensely to become a “better version” of myself. Compared to before starting the energy work I now feel more calm, grounded, confident, open, focused, and driven toward my goals. It’s not always easy to do the work to improve yourself and move through old “baggage” that you carry, but Katie is a great guide to help you through that process. If you’re looking to do some self-improvement and become the best version of yourself, I can’t recommend Katie’s group meditations and ME energy sessions highly enough.”

—Jackie J.

“Katie’s sessions are amazing! I was skeptical at first that these sessions would even be relaxing, let alone healing. But I was so wrong! They are so peaceful and helped me heal and feel so good about myself and my path in life. Katie’s soft voice is so calming. Even my kids love to see ‘Katie the energy lady!’ My whole family has had several sessions with Katie and it has honestly changed our lives. Don’t hesitate to try it out for yourself!”

—Meg S.

“Katie, I want to let you know how grateful I am for you connecting with me the way you did. What you have done for me goes well beyond words.”


"Thank you so much for the other day.  It was amazing and I definitely feel more opened up.  I absolutely want to do it again." 

—Lauren C.

"I loved my session with Katie! I left feeling peaceful and balanced! Katie gently cleared and removed old energies that no longer served me. Katie is a very gifted and powerful energy healer! I look forward to my next session with her!" 


"Katie is a lovely inspirational colleague of Meridian Energetics. I had an amazing session with her which really uplifted me, and she bathed me in light, balanced me out. Her inner child meditation was wonderful, got right down deep within my heart. The whole experience was enlightening and inspirational. She gave me insights and a whole bunch of new ideas. Thank you for being an awesome empathic healer, loved it."

—Sharon O.

“During your training, when we did that energy medicine session it was so deeply transformational for me because that was when I really started to trust and open to the divine feminine! To give my trust to another woman… You began healing my mother wound! So powerful! So much appreciation to you beautiful soul!”

—A. M.

“The sessions have helped me on almost a multidimensional level, like I’m much more open, and that has been really helpful.”

—William H.

“Katie’s intuitive healing sessions inspired me to pursue a certification in Reiki in order to satisfy my growing interests in healing with meditation. Empathetic and thorough, Katie owns a highly intuitive approach which she combined with practical observation and additional telephone support for me after my sessions with her. Katie is encouraging, fun, and personally caring for we three family members who sought her healing help.”

—Gloria C.

“I have taken a meditation class with Katie a few weeks ago and just wanted to give Katie a few loving words as she is a truly special soul and leads an amazing meditation class suitable for all levels. If you are looking to add meditation to your life and not sure how, what, why....maybe you downloaded the app on your phone and it's been sitting there on your screen unused for months...I highly recommend talking to Katie and taking her classes. Katie - you are wonderful! Looking forward to more meditation in 2018!”

—Jane F.

“Thanks Katie!! Hope you have another meditation class soon bc it really helped. I got into a sticky situation recently, I was able to step back meditate and I was able to sort out my emotions."