Your first visit will last about 1-1/2 hours.  Consultation and adjustment will take place at the same time.  The reason for this is that so I can assess the situation and set up criteria for each session.  Every client has different needs and concerns so each visit is created as a stepping block to lead into the next adjustment.   Progress can be felt in 3 sessions at either an emotional, mental, or physical level depending upon the sensitivity of an individual.  About 6 sessions are recommended for full benefits and booster adjustments as maintenance.

I will assess the client’s yin/yang breath balance by placing my hands on your feet.  Shortly after fingertips on meridian points located at strategic places of the body will allow me to connect to any emotional, mental, & physical blockages.  It is a very light manual touch that releases and modifies irregular conditioning or patterning and energy within the clients’ biochemistry & neurological system. During the adjustment clients will feel a degree of energy moving or increased circulation while others will feel nothing.  Some clients feel a great sense of emotional or mental relief.  Again all individuals will respond differently depending on their situation.

Please note:  For 1-2 days afterwards clients may feel tired, energized, or experience a light detoxification of the bowels or kidneys.  This is a natural process of the body releasing issues, patterns, vibrations in the physical form of uric acid, or lactic acid.


  • acknowledgement of of an issue or difficulty that must be overcome and in doing so that change can only be achieved with an individual who has a total open mind and is willing to participate in the suggestions that are made in order to create that change.

  • that the modality is used to assist or complement what an individual is already doing to bring them into a healthier state of being (exercise, diet, nutrition, meditation, supplements, massage, herbs).

  • that I make no guarantees or claims as to how long it takes an individual depending on their state of health to receive or feel benefits (some who are sensitive feel its effects immediately where others it can take up to 3-6 adjustments to feel a semblance of balance.

  • that the time during their visit and there after, a period of emotional, mental, or a physical healing crisis may occur.

  • a waiver needs to be signed before the healing adjustment can be performed.